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Police Officers Are There – Don’t Call Them All Thugs

Police Officers are there
July 07, 2014

The pendulum needs to turn back toward reality after a recent series of videos showing police brutality have sparked public outcry.

America Needs The Right Perspective on its Police Officers

These acts of violence are disgusting, and the officers in the videos deserved to be severely punished. That being said, these videos do not represent all of the cops in America. Just as American gun owners don’t like to be swept in the same category of mass killers, let’s not do the same thing with our law enforcement.

Police officers are there as our first line of defense against anything and everything that might threaten our way of life. It was police officers who rushed to the wounded at the Boston Bombing, even though the bombs continued to go off. The men and women of the NYPD rushed into the Trade Center, regardless of the dangers they faced. It is the police who go into the active shooter situations, not knowing what they will see, or if they will come out. Let’s be honest. Every time a police officer pulls over a motorist, he or she courts death walking up to a car that may be carrying people who would rather kill a cop than face time in jail.

Police officers are there

We live in a dangerous world, with danger lurking at every corner. Police officers are there to help us. Yes, there are bad ones. No, not every cop is a saint who buys boots for a homeless man. But not every cop is a sinner who beats a woman on a highway. They do the work that none of us want to do. They deal with the worst that society has to offer. We should deal with the ones that break their oath like we would with anyone else, swift punishment, but not widespread condemnation. Their job is terrible as it is, let’s try to not make it worse. Police officers, from the smallest village to the biggest state police force, are the real heroes of our society. For them there is no day off; everyday is another day in danger. We live safely. They risk it all — every day.

Editor’s Note:  While no one appears to keep statistics on the percentage of police who are veterans or especially combat veterans, the numbers appear to be between 10 and 20 percent, with very few combat vets. 

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