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Officer Saves Woman From Oncoming Train

Officer Saves Woman From Oncoming Train
July 22, 2014

Marine veteran and Richmond, Texas police officer Ramon Morales saved a distraught woman from certain death in the early morning hours of June 22. Morales arrived on the scene just as a speeding freight train was approaching the tracks where for unknown reasons she sat. A camera on the patrol unit of Officer Morales recorded the scene.

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Photo via Richmond, Texas Police Department

“I didn’t think about it, I just reacted,” Morales told Marine Corps Times.” The Marine Corps puts you in a position to think about others before you.”

Morales, a former corporal who served as an aircraft rescue and firefighting specialist, recently joined the police department. At about 1 a.m. on June 22, he said he was wrapping up a call at a bar and was sitting in a parking lot when a person there flagged him down.

He was told there was a distraught woman sitting on nearby train tracks, and he sped off to help.

Video captured from his police car shows him arriving at the tracks just as the crossing bells and lights went on, and as the vehicle barriers fall into place. He ran out of his car and pulled a sobbing woman to safety — just seconds before an oncoming freight train rolled by with its horn blaring.

Officer Saves Woman From Oncoming Train


According to the department’s Facebook page,

Officer Morales then kept the female from standing back up and running back to the train. The female was later taken the hospital for an evaluation.

Please join us in recognizing and congratulating Officer Morales, who has only been an Officer for 10 months, in his effort to help save this female subjects life while risking his own to do so. Great job Officer Morales!


Officer Saves Woman From Oncoming Train