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We Must Not Allow Western Civilization To Fall In Our Zeal To Reject Nation Building

Our Zeal To Reject Nation Building
July 25, 2014

Darkness marches forward. On multiple fronts, enemies of democracies are advancing. In Europe, a chunk of one country is taken. Evil nationalism rises in the East. America does nothing. Europe cowers in fear. “If we ignore this,” they hope, “it will go away.” Elsewhere, enemies of democracy use new and terrifying tactics to sow death and mayhem. Wary of war, America says nothing.

The above describes the eve of WWII, but it might as well be today.

This summer of destruction is unprecedented in recent memory. In the Middle East, terrorists are waging a brutal war against Israel, one of the worst in years, with no end in sight. In another “front”, almost 300 people were slaughtered when Russian backed terrorists shot down their plane. Russia is dropping any facade of neutrality and now seems to be blatantly supporting them. Each day we wake up to fresh stories of death. Dozens dead in the Middle East on both sides, increasing war in Ukraine.

North Korea has atomic weapons and is practicing its aim.

ISIS, not to be forgotten, continues its ethnic cleansing of Iraq and Syria, and the world doesn’t lift a finger to stop them. The United States says Iraq must do the heavy lifting.

In rejecting a decade of nation-building overseas, initiated and approved in roughly equal measure by both political parties, Americans shrink from defending ourselves from evil abroad. It’s understandable. Every day we read about more of our soldiers being killed, and their families in misery. It’s sickening, and we want it to end. But it’s a momentary confusion that must not be allowed to continue. If we stop trying to stem the growing tide of evil, millions of Americans could die.

Simply put, order is collapsing, and America seems not to care. Americans read the empty comments of our leaders, we shake our heads and condemn (to ourselves) whichever side we think is to blame. But that’s it. We forget about the march of evil a few moments after we’ve read each new chapter of the story.

Today, the isolationist ideology resonates with Americans. After all, all this war “stuff” is happening half a world away. Why should we care? We should have America help Americans. Well unfortunately this is the same vein of thought that was being mined pre-WWII.

We were wrong, very wrong. We convinced ourselves that the Holocaust and the genocide in Ukraine during the 1930s were just fiction. Millions died because America simply wasn’t interested. We thought it was not our problem. As a result, we lost 2,008 servicemen on Dec. 7th 1941 when the conflicts that couldn’t touch us came roaring over our heads at Pearl Harbor. We lost 400,000 servicemen and women in a war that didn’t need to have happened.

This has to end. Now. The world sees America as doing nothing about these crises, but we can reverse that. It’s time to act. It’s time to step out of the shadows and reclaim our place as the world’s guiding force for good. Innocent people facing death know we are their only hope. Will we ignore them? Again? We are the powerhouse of the world. It’s time to act that way. We don’t have to act using just our military. Our ideology can be as powerful as any bomb.

To quote the great Ronald Reagan:

“The ultimate determinate in the struggle now going on for the world will not be bombs and rockets but a test of wills and ideas – a trial of spiritual resolve; the values we hold, the beliefs we cherish and the ideas to which we are dedicated.”

We Americans stand for freedom, we stand for liberty, we stand for opportunity. Right now we aren’t standing for any of that. Instead, we’re cowering — hoping all the noise of the world will stop and we can go back to “normal.” That isn’t going to happen.

America is the greatest nation this Earth has ever seen. Period. Right now, we have a chance to stop the world from spiraling into darkness. Right now, we have a chance to emerge as Reagan’s shining city upon a hill.

We don’t have to build nations to stop thugs from attacking ours.

Just remember, Hitler only wanted a little bit of Czechoslovakia.

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