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2 Reasons why Hamas are not victims

But that is Hamas.
July 08, 2014

Once again, Hamas has shelled Israel for long enough that the Jewish nation cannot sit by any longer.

There will now be a game of equivalency played, as the world pretends there are no monsters left, or that both sides are equally monstrous. But monsters there are, and both sides are not the same.

In Gaza, Hamas puts its rockets in daycare centers and other places where noncombatants, especially children, will be hurt when the inevitable Israeli counterattack comes — but that is Hamas.

As the Middle Eastern Forum put it,

No terrorist group is a party to the Geneva Conventions. They have not signed, much less ratified, those treaties. Moreover, it is evident that Hamas, Hezbollah, and members of the global Al-Qaeda network spurn both the spirit and the letter of international treaties designed to ameliorate the cruelty of war. Bloody attacks in New York, Jerusalem, Bali, Madrid, and Beslan are testament to the fact that these groups seek to kill civilians rather than to take captives. And when Islamist terrorists do seize hostages, brutality rather than protection appears to be the rule.

It is a war crime, under the Geneva Conventions, to use civilians as human shields. The harm that comes to the shield is the fault of the evil men who take up residence with the innocent. Hamas do not accept these rules. Not only do they make no attempt to spare civilians the destruction of war, but they actively try to bring harm to noncombatants, including children.

But that is Hamas.

When the attack comes and children are hurt or killed, there will be an outcry for justice, for those who kill or maim the innocent to be punished, and the guilty party brought down.

But that is Hamas.

By the way, the “2 Reasons” from the title are standing together in the title photo.