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Marine’s Tun Tavern 1775 Beer Recipe Recreates the Brew That Started It All

Marine's Tun Tavern 1775 Beer Recipe
July 14, 2014

One Marine’s Tun Tavern 1775 Beer recipe tries to recreate the brew that Marine recruits would have been drinking at Tun Tavern as they signed up to defend the nation, before the nation even knew it needed defending.

His company is Fidelis Beer Company, and he wants it to grow.

Marine’s Tun Tavern 1775 Beer Recipe

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Here is one beer blogger’s coverage.

According to Marine Corps Times,

A Marine beer-brewer in Virginia dove into his history books to research and create “1775,” a new ale that replicates the brew the first Marines drank at Tun Tavern. And he’s releasing it in time for the Marine Corps birthday bash in November.


Marine Capt. Brian Magee, founder of Fidelis Beer Company. This Marine’s Tun Tavern 1775 beer recipe recreates the brew that started it all. (Photo courtesy Marine Corps Times / Capt. Brian Magee)

Capt. Brian Magee, a judge advocate who works at the Washington Navy Yard, created 1775 as one of his first brews for Fidelis Beer Company, a newly licensed enterprise dedicated to making good brews that support good causes. The project was inspired by the company Dogfish Head, which used authentic ingredients and techniques thousands of years old to create its popular line of Ancient Ales.

The first step for Magee was some serious research.

“There are beer historians out there, and there’s a lot of public information you can find about hops and the history of different hops varieties, and brewing in colonial America,” he said. “Here are some of the ingredients that were available, and it’s up to me to put them in a recipe that tastes good.”