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2 Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down With Russian Missiles

July 23, 2014

Two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down over Eastern Ukraine, most likely by the Pro-Russian rebels. The Putin-backed separatists have declared a no-fly zone over the territory they have seized.

The planes were flying about about 17,000 feet, above the 12,000 ft range of the Russian SA-7 shoulder-launched missile systems.

Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down With Russian Missiles

Fox News reports:

Two Ukrainian military fighter jets were shot down over the nation’s contested eastern region on Wednesday, even as local sources said Russian weaponry has been pouring in to separatists following the downing of a Malaysian passenger plane last week. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said two Sukhoi-25 fighters were shot down Wednesday afternoon over an area called Savur Mogila. The planes may have been carrying up to two crew members each, according to Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky. Reuters reported that Kiev blamed the latest incident on pro-Russian separatists, who are suspected of downing Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last Thursday, killing all 298 aboard.

According to the latest reports, Russia has also been flooding Eastern Ukraine with more and more weapons following the downing of Flight 17.

According to Fox News:

More than a dozen Russian-made multiple launch rocket systems crossed the Ukrainian-Russian border on Tuesday, according to Andriy Lysenko, the spokesman for the information center of the National Security and Defense Council. Those weapons are artillery, and built for shelling land-based targets. The spokesman said that Russia in recent days had started supplying more sophisticated weapons to militants in eastern Ukraine, in particular, modified Grad systems. “You can see the Russian tank T-64 BV, which is not in the records of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Servicemen seized it during the terrorists’ assault on a Ukrainian military unit in Artemivsk,” he said. “Now you see an APC-80, which is also a Russian-made vehicle. These are the accompanying operational documents. There is an official seal of the Russian Federation and a note explaining that this APC was put in commission and it that was received to be used in combat operations.” Moscow, meanwhile, denied supplying military equipment to Russian fighters, who have clashed with Kiev following the Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March.

If these reports are true, it is only further proof that Russia will stop at nothing to help terrorists, even it it means a few hundred people have to die. Right now, the United States needs to act, and act quickly, to show Russia, and the world, that this will not stand. When hundreds of innocent civilians are butchered in an instant, we have a responsibility to stand with our allies against the red Russian bear. Putin needs to see that Eastern Europe is not his sandbox, and we are the only country capable of doing that.

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