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Israeli Hamas News For Operation Protective Edge

Israeli Hamas News For Operation Protective Edge
July 12, 2014

As the conflict in the Middle East enters its 5th day, de-escalation seems highly unlikely as both sides up the rhetoric and action in a conflict that threatens to turn into a full blown war. As of right now, 689 rockets have been fired at Israel, citing the IDF Twitter feed.


Operation Protective Edge

In return, Israel’s military says that it has hit over 1,100 “terrorist sites” in Gaza, many in densely populated areas leading to a death toll of 120, and rising. The breakdown of this number between noncombatant and terrorist is not definite, as there are conflicting reports, but early estimates out of Gaza claim that over 40 of the deaths are women and children due to their use as human shields. No Israelis have been killed so far, due to incompetence firing rockets on the Gaza side, and Israel’s superior “Iron Dome” defense system. One American tourist died of apparent heart failure during an air raid. Over night, Israel stuck a Mosque which it claims was holding rockets and other weapons for the Hamas terrorists.

The bombing of the Mosque is being used by some in the Hamas organization to attempt to rally the Muslim world against Israel. Husam Badran, a Hamas spokesman in Doha, Qatar is quoted as saying, “The bombing of two mosques in Gaza overnight shows how barbaric this enemy is and how much is it hostile to Islam.” Israel has defended its actions saying that Hamas is choosing to hide their weapons in civilian areas to prevent the Israelis from retaliating. A clear example of this is a video, released by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), showing a site used to launch rockets positioned right next to a school, as well as Hamas operatives’ houses, sitting between civilian houses, shown in a declassified photo, courtesy of the IDF.

Stay tuned for further updates on the conflict in the Middle East, and pray for a speedy end to the hostilities, before more civilians are killed, on both sides. Israel has ordered the northern part of Gaza evacuated in preparation for strikes on sites there. To keep up with the writings of Timothy Davis, like him on Facebook:

Israeli Hamas News For Operation Protective Edge