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Updated: Israel Orders Gaza Evacuation After Rocket Barrage

July 12, 2014

A barrage of rockets from northern Gaza has prompted an evacuation of the area by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).



HAMAS has been using civilians as human shields, and the evacuation order makes it clear that the Israelis do not want to injure noncombatants.

Israel orders Gaza evacuation after rocket barrage

According to the Jerusalem Post,

The IDF has begun evacuating residents of northern Gaza, and other areas in the coastal enclave from which heavy and long-range rockets are being fired at Israel, ahead of a stepped-up campaign of air raids that will target Hamas leaders hiding under large residential buildings, a senior army source warned Saturday night.

“We are moving to a more significant case. Since the leaders are hiding under homes and using human shields, we are initiating the evacuation of civilians in Gaza before stepping up attacks. Until now, we’ve tried to use minimal force to lower civilian casualties. That explains how, even though we have hit 1300 targets, the civilian casualty rate is so low,” the source said.

IDF warning:

Israel orders Gaza evacuation after rocket barrage