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Dramatic Video: Iron Dome Missile Defense in Action

Dramatic Video: Iron Dome Missile Defense in Action
July 15, 2014

During the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, Israel has only suffered 1 fatality, although several people have been injured. This is due in large part to Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, an Israeli developed, U.S. funded, missile defense system.

The IDF released the dramatic footage of the Iron Dome missile defense in action.

The Iron Dome works by determining where a missile or rocket is headed, and launching interceptor missiles if the trajectory of the incoming missile puts it in a populated area, such as Tel Aviv. Each interceptor missile costs roughly $100,000. A small price to pay for increased safety for millions of Israelis. The Iron Dome has saved countless lives, and provides Israel a solid defense against those who wish to do her harm.

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