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Iowa National Guard Recon Team Assaults Taliban Position Under Fire

Iowa National Guard Recon Team Assaults Taliban
July 25, 2014

An American Army National Guard Recon Team assaults Taliban position under fire from the enemy, probably in 2011, the last time the Iowa National Guard was there. The guardsmen don’t merely find the enemy and break contact in favor of an air assault, but take the fight to them.

Iowa National Guard Recon Team Assaults Taliban

Video notes:
Army infantry reconnaissance squad in Nurah Lam, Laghman Province, assaulting a Taliban compound.The video shows an RPG that the Taliban threw down as they retreated from their positions, as they closed within 25 meters.

For all the armchair generals here, this team reacted a lot better than most I’ve seen. At least this wasn’t a standard “take contact, suppress, and retreat” situation. They took contact, identified the enemy location, pushed forward, and forced the Taliban out of their positions so quickly that they had to leave supplies and weapons behind.

Commentator C. Woods at the YouTube channel said (lightly edited),

These guys were the replacements two cycles after us, we held down Laghman until the Nevada guard came and f’d it all up but these guys from Iowa are solid and have a solid rep. they inherited a sh*t storm up there and I can vouch for their effectiveness in combat. Most guard units break contact but these dudes actually assaulted through, maybe some of you would of done things different or faster but it’s hard to say what any of us will do until we’re in the middle of it ourselves.

Iowa National Guard Recon Team Assaults Taliban