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Media Ignore War Crimes: 87 Dead As Hamas Uses Human Shields

Hamas Uses Human Shields
July 20, 2014

Sunday marked the deadliest day of fighting between Hamas terrorists and the Israeli military so far. 87 Palestinians, and 13 IDF troops died during heavy fighting. The breakdown of the Palestinian (terrorist vs noncombatant) is not known.

Hamas reports all casualties as “civilian,” in a cynical attempt to get Western media to take sides against Israel. Even more cynical are Western journalists who know Hamas only reports casualties as “civilian” and passes them on uncritically.

Both sides appear to be hunkering down for the long haul. CNN reports that Hamas turned down an invitation to discuss a cease fire last night, and Israel is calling up more troops.

According to CNN;

Israel is still “early on in the mission,” IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said Sunday. “You can’t erase 10,000 rockets overnight,” he said of Hamas’ arsenal. The IDF is adding troops to the incursion. It called up tens of thousands of reservists at the start of Operation Protective Edge to prepare for the ground operations. Israel said it has struck “2,300 terror targets” in Gaza and found 13 tunnels the militants use for smuggling weapons.

The Hypocrisy of Hamas

Israel has been trying its hardest to limit civilian casualties. Between “roof knocking”, pamphlets, text messages, and phone calls, they have warned millions of people to get out of harms way.

Hamas Uses Human Shields

Meanwhile, Hamas tells its civilians to stay put, and martyr themselves if necessary. Whenever a civilian is killed, Hamas goes on a tirade about “a crime against humanity”, while continuing to fire rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians.

How do you fight against an enemy like this? Unfortunately there is no easy way. And it only gets harder when the media decides to sensationalize every Palestinian death, while ignoring the fact that Israel lives in constant fear of rocket attacks.

Another failed Cease-fire

Earlier today, Israel (at the request of the Red Cross) agreed to a two hour cease-fire in the city of Shaja’ia so Palestinian aid workers could collect the dead and help the wounded. Once again, Israel held its fire for humanitarian reasons. Once again, Hamas continued to fire at Israel.

As each day goes on, the conflict only grows worse. We can only imagine what fresh horror will be awaiting us tomorrow, courtesy of bloodthirsty terrorists incapable of peace.

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