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Hamas Stole Gaza’s Wealth, and Now Is Stealing Its Children

July 21, 2014

Hamas stole Gaza’s wealth and got rich as Gaza was plunged into poverty

With multi-million-dollar land deals, luxury villas and black market fuel from Egypt, Gaza’s rulers made billions while the rest of the population struggled with 38-percent poverty and 40-percent unemployment.

Now these same multimillionaires are urging Gazans to send their children to stand next to Hamas’ rockets. It’s not enough that Hamas looted the international aid meant for Gazans – now they want to loot their children, too.

Hamas Uses Human Shields

Meanwhile, Hamas tells its civilians to stay put, and martyr themselves if necessary. Whenever a civilian is killed, Hamas goes on a tirade about “a crime against humanity”, while continuing to fire rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians.

And it is a planned and deliberate media manipulation strategy.

Egyptians will have nothing of it

From the video below:

Just like we died in the past in defense of the Palestinian cause, we are ready to die today in defense of the Palestinian cause – but we are not ready to die in defense of Hamas.

Not a single drop of blood will be shed — sorry, drop of blood is too precious — we are not prepared to sacrifice even a single hair from the eyebrow of an Egyptian soldier or civilian, for the sake of Hamas and all the people who wage Jihad while indulging themselves in all kinds of dishes at the swimming pool.

We are afflicted with a bunch of people who pretend to be Muslims, but do not understand anything, or else they think the people are stupid. They goad people into fighting, terrorism, and violence, under the pretext of “Jihad,” while they themselves sit at a hotel, a swimming pool, or nudist beach, eating a variety of dishes, marrying four wives, and driving the latest model luxury cars. What is this?

Hamas Stole Gaza’s Wealth, and Now Is Stealing Its Children