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Hamas Showing Its True Colors With New War Crimes For The World To See

Hamas Showing Its True Colors With New War Crimes
July 19, 2014

Israel’s ground operation in Gaza ended its 2nd day with Hamas showing its true colors with new war crimes.

The war has escalated dramatically. While the battlefield had previously been limited to Gaza, not counting the rocket attacks on Israeli cities, the bloodshed spilled Saturday onto Israeli soil, or rather under it. During the day, Hamas militants managed to slip into Israel via their underground tunnels, killing several Israeli troops while exposing themselves to heavy losses.

Hamas Showing Its True Colors With New War Crimes

Adding to its list of intentially shelling civilian areas, using civilians as human shields, and kidnapping civilians to exchange for prisoners, Hamas adds wearing opposition uniforms.

According CNN:

An example of infiltration occurred earlier in the day when Hamas militants slipped out of a tunnel from central Gaza and fired at Israeli soldiers, killing two of them, Israel’s Channel 10 said. The Hamas gunmen disguised themselves in uniforms belonging to the Israel Defense Forces, the military said. One of the Hamas gunmen was killed on Israeli soil, and the rest fled back to Gaza and were killed by a helicopter gunship, Channel 10 said. “We know that Hamas terrorists are operating underground, and that’s where we will meet them,” the IDF said in a statement. In another infiltration, a dozen Hamas fighters penetrated an Israeli military base they called Abu Mutibq and ambushed a convoy of Israeli troops just outside Gaza, killing six Israeli soldiers, according to Hamas’ military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades. Several more Israeli soldiers were wounded, the militants also claimed.

In a very disturbing find, a dead Hamas operative was found to be carrying tranquilizers, as well as handcuffs, indicating an “intention to abduct Israelis,” according to the IDF.

Taking a page out of the Taliban’s war crime playbook, some of the Hamas operatives were wearing IDF uniforms, hoping to catch the IDF off guard and slaughter more of them.

Underscores Israel’s justification

These kind of tactics are exactly why Israel is taking the fight to Hamas in Gaza. No country should have to live in fear from above and below.

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