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Hamas Sends Rockets During Cease Fire, Rejects Israeli Extension

Hamas sends rockets during cease fire, rejects Israeli extension
July 26, 2014

Hamas fired rockets during the cease fire, Israeli Defense Forces said. Hamas refused an Israeli offer of a 4-hour extension to the humanitarian cease-fire Saturday,

Hamas sends rockets during cease fire, rejects Israeli extension

According to Fox News:

The Israeli military says three rockets were fired from Gaza after a Hamas official told reporters the group has rejected a four-hour extension of a humanitarian truce proposed by Israel. Sami Abu Zuhri sent a text message to reporters Saturday, saying: “No agreement to extending the calm for an additional four hours.” Israel has set its own terms for the lull, saying it would continue demolishing Hamas military tunnels under the Gaza-Israel border. Israeli Cabinet minister Yuval Steinitz, spoke Saturday on Israeli television station Channel 10. The initial lull agreed to by Israel and Hamas had begun at 8 a.m.  (0500 GMT) Saturday. Steinitz confirmed reports that Israel decided to extend it by four hours, until midnight Saturday. He says the decision was made by the Israeli prime minister and defense minister. Steinitz says a further extension would be considered at a Cabinet meeting later Saturday.

Once again, Israel extended an Olive branch for civilians’ sakes, and once again Hamas chose to shoot it down. It remains to be seen whether Israel will resume airstrikes, or wait until midnight when the “cease-fire” expires.

This latest rejection makes any hope of a quick end to this war unlikely. Unfortunately, now Israel must continue on the path of war, sacrificing brave soldiers so that millions of Israelis no longer have to cower in fear.

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Hamas sends rockets during cease fire, rejects Israeli extension