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Hamas sea attack ends painfully (video)

Hamas sea attack ends painfully
July 08, 2014

A Hamas cell tried to use the cover of rocket attacks to enter Israel from the Mediterranean. They were neutralized. An Israel Defense Forces video shows the Hamas sea attack ends painfully.

Hamas sea attack ends painfully

The video contains scenes of intense violence, from a distance.

At the same time, Hamas fired rockets from Gaza into Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other Israeli cities. Israeli twitter sources show a widespread attack pattern that appeared coordinated.

Israel and Hamas appear to be in a state of open war, after Israel bombed Hamas terror cells the previous night.

While the Jewish nation’s Iron Dome missile defense shield blocked some of the missiles, others fell into Israeli cities.

IDF counterattacked late Tuesday with bomb strikes on rocket launch sites. Islamists frequently place their missile launch sites inside schools, family dwellings, and places of worship. After the inevitable retaliation, they draw attention to the damage done to whatever innocents they can find.