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Hamas Admits Terrorism: Will Kidnap More Israelis

Hamas admits terrorism
July 03, 2014

While the White House struggles to gain traction in the Middle East, Hamas officials are promising to kidnap and probably kill more Israelis, in order to gain the release of Islamic terrorists and other criminals held in Israeli jails.

Hamas admits terrorism

According to,

Hamas official Mushir al-Masri warned against Israeli retaliation for the murder of the three Jewish teens, saying that the Gaza-based terrorist group and partner with Fatah in the Palestinian unity government possesses rockets and missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

Masri also vowed that Hamas would abduct more Israelis, Israel Hayom reported.

“Hamas will continue kidnapping soldiers and Israelis until the last Palestinian in Israeli prison is freed,” he said.

In promising to “continue kidnapping” soldiers and civilians, Hamas admitted killing the teenagers and continued to mark itself as a terrorist organization.

According to an hysterically nonsensical article from, Israel wanted “the crisis” of three young boys being kidnapped so that it could “collectively punish” Palestinians.

Twenty days after three Israeli high school students were kidnapped in the West Bank merely for being there, two days after they were found murdered in an apparent execution by Hamas members, and one day after Israelis gathered nationally to mourn the deaths, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies on Israel’s political right appear to have extracted what they wanted from the crisis.

And that has been disastrous for Palestinian civilians, who are suffering what, by every indication, appears to be collective punishment by the Israeli government for the actions of a few rogue militants.

Despite a complete lack of evidence, the White House on Wednesday condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the murder of a Palestinian teenager whose body was discovered Wednesday in Jerusalem.

Condemning the killing is effectively accusing Israelis of carrying it out. Whether that statement alone is enough to inflame tensions remains to be seen.

The boy’s family has been involved in feuds with other families and clans, so it is not at all clear that geopolitics were involved.

While Hamas admits terrorism, some are still trying to see the problem as two-sided.