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Fireworks Drone Flight Reveals Civilian Drone Future — And Is Really Cool To Watch

Fireworks Drone Flight Reveals Civilian Drone Future
July 06, 2014

The Fireworks drone flight circulating the Internet indicates the future of civilian drone use. This is the kind of application to which drones will be put in the near future.

Civilian drone uses

  • Flying through forest fires
  • Traffic monitors
  • Towing advertising
  • Agricultural inspection

It won’t do any good to try to ban any of these aspects of civilian drone use. The commercial and local government incentives are too strong, and the cost efficiency is too great.

Drones will also be used to commit acts of terror. As unmanned vehicle use becomes more common, the likelihood of a commercial or agricultural drone user being compromised and its drones used for terrorism becomes greater.

Unlike the use of firearms, the use of drones does not expose the user to reciprocal attack. Someone using a gun has to expose themselves, on some level. If a drone is used in an attack, figuring out who did it may be impossible, and most importantly, it will certainly be impossible inside the time needed to catch a fleeing perpetrator.

Fireworks Drone Flight