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Faith Hill National Anthem Rendition Is Still Amazing

Faith Hill National Anthem Rendition
July 01, 2014

Here is Faith Hill performing The Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXXIV (34).

Delivered in Atlanta in 2000, it is one of the top performances of all time, because for the most part she just sings, and lets the song do the work.

Critical Acclaim

Rolling Stone said of the Faith Hill National Anthem rendition,

One of the best Anthems in Super Bowl history was delivered by country star Faith Hill, who was also joined by sign language specialists. Her traditional delivery was moving and sophisticated.

Make the song do the work

The national anthem is a difficult song to sing, but if the singer merely sings the song straight, the results can be spectacular. That is the case with Hill’s performance, shown below.

Faith Hill National Anthem rendition Super Bowl XXIV 34 2000

Faith Hill National Anthem rendition Super Bowl XXXIV 2000

Some singers try to add flourishes and artificial warbling to indicate feeling, but it comes across as drawing attention to the singer, not to the song. Changing the melody or reaching for higher than called for notes may show off the singer’s range, but lose the audience.

The best way to show off the singer’s voice is to sing this song effortlessly.

The Faith Hill National Anthem rendition

In her rendition, Hill sings as if telling a story. Rather than changing the melody or adding vocal flourishes, she allows her knowledge of the meaning of the lyrics to control how she stresses each word, aspirates individual syllables, and varies the tone and timbre of her voice.

Amateur and rising vocalists should learn from this performance: this particular song must be respected. Learn the lyrics, and what they mean. When you understand their meaning they become much harder to forget, and you will naturally want to tell this story.

Just sing the song.

The Faith Hill National Anthem rendition