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End The UN: All Talk And No Action, And the Talk Doesn’t Even Work

UN All Talk
July 18, 2014

The recent conflict between Hamas and Israel is further proof that the United Nations is a failed experiment, and it’s high time that we realize this.

On Saturday, the United Nations Security Council released a statement calling for an end to the violence in the Middle East, and for the start of productive peace talks. Nothing changed. Hamas continued to indiscriminately target Israelis, and Israel continued to hit back at Hamas. This has been the tune of the U.N. for the past couple years. It tells everyone to stop fighting and to play nice in their sandboxes, but doesn’t do anything when countries don’t listen. In almost all conflicts around the globe, the U.N. releases the same wishy-washy statement about how everyone should stop fighting and talk to each other, but they never do anything else. They “condemn” regimes that commit atrocities against their people (North Korea, Syria). No one listens.  The U.N. condemns every North Korean nuclear test, which to date hasn’t stopped them. They condemned the civil war in Syria, which didn’t stop it. They condemned the conflict in Ukraine involving Russia, which did nothing if not escalate it. And now they have condemned the violence in Israel. Will they ever learn that you can’t simply condemn something and then do nothing?

When it was formed, the United Nations was a good idea; instead of going to war with each other, countries could “talk” about their issues with each other and try to avoid another “War to end all wars.” However, back in 1945 no country could have foreseen the complex world we live in now. How do you convince a group of people to stop killing when that is their sole purpose in life? How do you reason with people who are willing to fly planes into towers to prove a point? How do you compromise with a group of extremists who kill anyone who simply disagrees? Put bluntly, you can’t. No amount of high-toned formal paperwork can.

Back in 1945, when the only form of communication between countries was, at best, a transatlantic cable that might work, the U.N. worked wonderfully. It provided diplomats with a chance to talk and avoid bloodshed, if possible. However, the world has changed. Communication is abundant today. Almost everyone has a cell phone that is capable of international calling, and you can video chat with someone on the other side of the globe. If two countries really want to talk to each other, it is very easy. As a result, the U.N. has very little practical value. Its role has become more symbolic than anything else. It is incredibly ineffective, and has evolved into a burden more than a help. The U.N. is not the answer to today’s problems. Other countries need to find ways to deal with their own problems and stop going to the U.N. crying like the little kid at school who got picked on. A world-wide super government is an idealistic concept that, like most idealist dreams, fails the test of real life.

The world must understand that the U.N. is barely a second-rate place where people can go to talk. We can’t afford to keep going through the motions anymore. We need to accept that the U.N. has failed, get rid of it, and move on. It is only by doing that that we as a world can hope to move forward.

End the UN: all talk and no action, and the talk doesn’t even work.

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