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Chicago Leads Nation In Blaming Guns For Criminal Acts

Chicago Leads Nation In Blaming Guns
July 08, 2014

Chicago had between 12 and 15 homicides over the July 4 weekend, depending on the time frame used.  Chicago’s police chief Gary McCarthy blamed the number of guns in the city, among other things, and called for stricter federal gun laws.

“You know, everybody asks me,” said McCarthy on New York’s larger size but smaller murder rate, “What’s different about New York and Chicago? I can tell you very simply: proliferation of firearms.”

That mirrors the general line among anti-gun folks: it isn’t the fault of Chicago that people fight and die there, it’s the fault of the rest of the nation, which somehow manages not to descend into murderous mayhem each Independence Day weekend.

In Kentucky, for instance, there are about 1.3 guns per person. In 2010 Illinois ranked 18th among states for gun ownership, though that may change now that the courts have forced the state to allow concealed carry.

Chicago Leads Nation In Blaming Guns