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American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial Shapes Up In Time Lapse Video

July 28, 2014

After 16 years, a monument to disabled veterans is set to be dedicated on October 5th.

The American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial was started in the Clinton administration by philanthropist Lois Pope, former VA Secretary Jesse Brown and disabled Vietnam veteran Arthur Wilson, The memorial finally began construction last year. Watch it grow!

American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial Shapes Up In Time Lapse Video

According to Fox News:

Glass walls will carry inscriptions and photographs telling veterans’ stories from different eras. Bronze silhouette sculptures will represent their service. A ceremonial flame will burn on the water’s surface in a star-shaped fountain representing the five branches of military service, surrounded by a grove of trees. The idea was inspired by the camaraderie of soldiers’ campfires and the flame as a symbol of renewal, designer Michael Vergason said. Construction has been underway for nearly a year and the memorial plaza was taking shape as The Associated Press had a look at its progress. Workers have been installing black stone elements for a fountain and reflecting pool. A Rhode Island stone carver is working to hand-carve inscriptions from George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower, in the site’s marble Wall of Gratitude.

There has been almost no objection to the raising of this monument, a much needed change from the everyday bickering of Washington politics. In another welcome change, the monument has been funded almost entirely by the private sector.

Fox continues,

Organizers raised about $80 million from more than a million donors. The Disabled American Veterans organization contributed about $10 million. Pope and her foundation also contributed about $10 million. A federal grant of about $6 million was secured to remove a road that crossed the site. The memorial will eventually be operated by the National Park Service.

Our veterans make tremendous sacrifices for our country, on and off the battlefield. It’s heartening to read that some things transcend the political fault lines in our society. America wouldn’t exist without our veterans, and we will always be in their debt.

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American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial Shapes Up In Time Lapse Video