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INTENSE – 80 Year Old Homeowner Shoots Pregnant Robber Dead

80 Year Old Man Shoots Pregnant Intruder Dead
July 24, 2014

WOW – This is pretty intense. When a male and female robbery team broke in, injured, and humiliated 80 year old Tom Greer of California., he said he had to act. This was the third break-in at his home, and during the encounter he learned that all three were by this couple.

80 Year Old Man Shoots Pregnant Intruder Dead

Feigning defeat, he tricked the male attacker into leaving the room. Greer located his handgun, reportedly a .22 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, and chased the intruders out.

The female intruder told Greer was pregnant, though that may have been a desperate plea. Greer said he shot her twice as she fled, killing her.

“You have no regrets about this, do you?” asked NBC.

“None whatsoever,” Greer replied, “I’ve never in my life shot anybody, killed anybody. I’m a good Christian. I just … when the time comes to defend yourself, you’d best do something.”

There are at least two problems with what Greer did, if his story is accurate. With a broken collarbone, his eyewitness testimony may be even less accurate.

As Greer relays it, his life was not in danger when he shot the woman, killing her and her unborn child. And it’s not clear why he moved the body afterward.

According to NBC4 Los Angeles,

“I shot her so that’s going to leave a message on his mind for the rest of his life,” Greer said.

Long Beach police said they were investigating the incident. It was not immediately clear whether any charges would be filed against Greer for the shooting.

“Investigators have to look at both sides of this coin,” said legal analyst Royal Oakes. “On the one hand a frail man in his 80s is being attacked in his own home by intruders, he has a right to self-defense. On the other hand, he did shoot a person who was trying to get away, so he wasn’t in imminent danger himself and the law says you can’t shoot somebody under those circumstances.”

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