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ISIS Church Burning Hoax: 1,800-year-old church in Mosul, Iraq

ISIS Church Burning Hoax
July 20, 2014

A story has been blazing on twitter that the murderous thugs of ISIS burned down 1,900-year-old church in Mosul,Iraq. The claim is believable, because ISIS have no respect for any other religion,  But the claim is not very strong.


Al Jazeera tweet ISIS Church Burning Hoax

In fact, the Conflict Antiquities site claims there is no evidence for it.

There is no evidence that Saint Ephraim’s Cathedral in Mosul has been burned

So far, there is only propaganda – but there is a lot of it, which is already exploiting three years of real suffering across three countries. It is exploiting people’s concern in order to spread fear and drive ethnic cleansing. Some unfortunates, who are concerned for the endangered communities in Mosul, have shared the first then the second piece of propaganda.

Has the Islamic State burned down the Syriac Catholic Archdiocese of Mosul? Part one…

Iraqi Canadian civil engineer Rabea Allos supposedly demonstrated his claim that ‘ISIL [had] burned down the Syriac Catholic Archdiocese of Mosul, Iraq’, by sharing a photograph of a burning church. drzaidg confronted him: ‘liar. That’s Egypt.’ Allos answered back: ‘get your facts right. Think before you write.’ He has continued to promote this line.



ISIS Church Burning Hoax: This is a picture from Egypt in 2013.

This photo, widely said to be of the Mosul Archdiocese, was actually taken in Egypt in 2013.

The captured-tweet photo above also provides no evidence:

I also posted a Turkish-language correction: ‘The photograph was taken on the 11th of June. The fire was outside the Church of Saint Etchmiadzin. [Foto?raf 11 Haziran’da çekmi?tir. Ate? Eçmiacin kilisesinin d??ar?dayd?.]‘