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The US Must Choose When To Confront Evil: Now in Iraq, Or Later in America

June 17, 2014

Evil Is Running Wild In Iraq

Once again, the world is being thrown into darkness and confusion. Evil is on the march again. The question Americans must ask ourselves is this: Are we going to sit by once again and let the world fall into darkness until it’s almost too late?

Iraq is being conquered by a group of terrorists that makes Al Qaeda look like a group of school children. These murderers, who call themselves “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) are carrying out daily executions and butchering thousands. So far America hasn’t so much as lifted a finger to stop them. Unfortunately, this is only going to make the problem worse. America needs to step up to the plate and show these terrorist scumbags that they will not be allowed to run rampant, not on our watch anyways.


This is not “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. This is not about WMDs; this is not about regime change. This is about showing the world that terrorism will not stand, and that we will do whatever it takes to prevent terrorists from creating their own “safe-haven”. What we need to do is go in, hard, with everything we have and eliminate as many of these terrorists as possible. Our job is to push them back, out of Iraq, and leave, just like in Gulf 1 under George H W Bush, where we went in, stopped the atrocities, and left.

They Will Not Stop At Iraq

If these terrorists gain control of Iraq, they will use it as a launching ground to carry out attack after attack on the United States, attacks that would make the carnage of 9-11 seem small by comparison. They already have the resources. According to FOX news, “The entire cost to Al Qaeda of the 9/11 attacks has been estimated at less than $30 million.” This ISIS just looted an Iraqi Central Bank and grabbed $429 million. That’s enough for 14 more 9-11’s. The ISIS also has vast amounts of American made weapons and ammunition, left behind by the fleeing Iraqi army, according to most media reports. Our own weapons maybe turned on our country, or our bases and embassies.

BqHHtAFIgAAfOhlWe lost almost 4,000 dedicated service members in Iraq. Many Americans simply don’t want to go back into that country, and lose more of our own. That’s understandable. Unfortunately, we can’t always have what we want. If we don’t go in, and ISIS does take over Iraq, then we won’t have to worry about losing Americans over there, we’ll start losing Americans over here. Images of falling towers, the Pentagon burning and the wreckage of Flight 93 are seared into our souls. Never again. Action now will cost lives, action later will cost more. This is the ugly reality we are faced with. The question we face is not if we act, but when, and how many Americans must die before we wake up and realize what needs to be done.

We tried ignoring the evil of the world before, and we paid for it dearly. It’s a truism that we learn from our past. Let us hope that America has learned its lesson. How will history judge us? That America stood by while evil grew? Or that America sacrificed again so that the world could have some semblance of peace.

For those that say that we should let Iraq handle it’s own problems, just remember: the stones on the beaches of Normandy are a grim reminder of what happens when America closes it’s eyes to the evils of the world, and its mission to fight them.

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