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Is Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi Still In Mexican Jail Because Barack Obama Opposes Gun Rights?

June 22, 2014

Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is needs your help. He is stuck in Mexican jail, and our government seems to be fine with leaving him behind. Is he still there because he stands as a symbol of veterans and gun rights?

Why Is Sgt Tahmooressi In Mexican Jail?

Sgt Tahmooressi missed his turn on March 31 and wound up at the Mexican border. He had in his truck all of his possessions, including three guns, all properly registered to him. The Mexican authorities threw him in jail, and he’s been there ever since.

After two tours in Afghanistan and recovering from PTSD, Tahmooressi just wanted to start a new life in San Diego in a community with friends. He may end up starting a new life in Mexican prison, unless the US State Department intervenes or Mexican officials come to their senses. As Marine Corps Times reported, Tahmooressi was on the way to see friends.

“I was going to call them after I drove off the exit, but I never got off the exit, I blew right past it,” he told the [U-T San Diego] in an interview from jail. “I wasn’t paying attention, thinking I had way farther to go. I ended up in Mexico with no way to turn around.”

Mr. Obama apparently met with the President of Mexico and failed to mention Sgt Tahmooressi.

Make Your Voice Heard

The White House Petition asking the President to do something for Sgt Tahmooressi has gone well over 100,000 signatures. The White House has yet to take any concrete action. American Military News has created a petition to add to the pressure. [button size=medium style=less_round color=gray align=none url=]Sign Our Petition [/button]

Is This an Easy Issue?

President Obama has been pushing for more restrictions on gun ownership, such as “universal background checks,” to allow tracking who owns guns and who does not. His proposals have also included an “assault weapons” ban. Mr. Obama claims to believe in an individual right to own weapons, but few believe him.

Mr. Obama was stunned that Congress did not share his love for restrictions on gun rights, and said that the public’s rejection of his ideas in the area of run rights is his biggest frustration.

Here is audio of John Lott, who was a fellow at the University of Chicago when Barack Obama was a lecturer there. In this 2010 interview, Lott related the story of the time he met Obama, in about 1998, as Obama assisted the City of Chicago in its failed suit against gun manufacturers. “Oh, you’re that gun guy,” said Obama. “I don’t think people should be allowed to own guns.” Those who believe gun ownership needs to be restricted are doubtless pleased that a gun owner is being treated in Mexico the way they wish gun owners were treated in America: put in jail and abused. In fact, they have come right out and said that Tahmooressi is better off behind bars.

It’s In Mr Obama’s Poltical Interest

Mr. Obama could go a long way toward shoring up his party’s poll numbers with gun owners and veterans by proving Sgt Tahmooressi is not being neglected for political reasons. A Tahmooressi release might not save the Senate for the Democrats or allow them to retake the House, but it is a fine place to start.