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(VIDEO) Captive Soldier’s Father Learns Terrorist’s Language

June 02, 2014

The father of an American Soldier held for five years by the Taliban in Afghanistan spoke what appeared to be Pashto in the White House ceremony celebrating his son’s return. Bob Bergdahl, the father of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, spoke several phrases in Pashto, the language spoken by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

UPDATE 2014-0602 1257 EDT:  Bergdahl’s father spoke in Arabic in a shocking quote from the Koran.

  Questions are coming in the wake of the swap that led to Sgt Bergdahl’s release. Yahoo! News reports that the White House simply chose to ignore the law when releasing 5 terrorists in exchange for Bergdahl:

Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon of California and Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma said the law required Obama to notify Congress 30 days before any transfer of terrorists from Guantanamo. In response, the White House said that officials considered what they called “unique and exigent circumstances” and decided to go ahead with the transfer in spite of the legal requirement.