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Liberal Columnist Spits On Marine: Tahmooressi Lucky To Be In Mexican Jail

Tahmooressi promotion
June 10, 2014

Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian wrote a column over the weekend which her editors titled:

Maybe we should thank Mexico for intercepting that armed ex-Marine

The insults start with the first words of the title and are piled on one after another. The snark starts with “Maybe” and continues right on through “we,” signifying that the writer and readers are one group and the Marine is an Other. The benign government of Mexico simply “intercepted” Andrew Tahmooressi on his way to do things, because he was “armed.”

At the bottom of this post you will find a call to action. For those of you on Twitter, please hit this one hard.

Abcarian’s editor or Times headline writer insults Tahmooressi as an “ex-Marine,” when there is, of course, no such thing as an “ex-Marine.” Sgt Tahmooressi is in fact still in the Marine Corps Reserves. We sometimes say “former Marine” or “current Marine” when it comes to distinguishing active duty or reservists from inactive, but once he or she graduates Boot Camp, one is thenceforth a Marine. The insults keep coming from Abcarian.

Andrew Tahmooressi, 25, the former Marine sergeant who has been in a Mexican prison since March 31 while Mexican authorities investigate whether he violated that country’s strict gun laws, may be lucky he got busted. This incident will allow him to receive the intervention he clearly needs.

Intervention for what?  We shall soon see.

How fervently do we wish that the Santa Barbara deputy sheriffs who checked up on Elliott Rodger after a call from his worried mother had tried to discern whether Rodger owned weapons, legal or not? How fervently do we fantasize that his grotesque rampage might never had occurred had only a deputy or two been more suspicious, more invasive, more hard-ass about whether the kid had weapons?

Abcarian smears all combat veterans with PTSD as mass-murderers-to-be. Elliott Rodger was not a combat veteran, and did not suffer from PTSD. Her ignorant ramblings are not based in fact, but in her own biases against combat veterans and people who own guns generally. Murder by veterans, PTSD or not, is more rare than in the general population. But wait, there’s more:

It can’t possibly be pleasant to be imprisoned in Mexico–or downtown Los Angeles, for that matter–but according to Ariel Moutsatsos-Morales, the Mexican Embassy’s minister for public affairs in Washington, Tahmooressi’s “fundamental rights have been respected, including the rights to due process and personal integrity.” (And dare I say, this is a Marine who did two tours in Afghanistan. Are such Americans not among our toughest?)

So because he endured war, he should find jail just fine? How despicable. Andrew Tahmooressi fought for her, and she spits on him.

No one is impugning Tahmooressi’s service to his country–his two tours of duty in Afghanistan, nor his meritorious promotion to sergeant—by suggesting that Mexican laws should be respected here. You can be a hero and still screw up. Tahmooressi will have his day in court.

She just spent an entire column impugning Tahmooressi’s service to his country by saying it’s fine preparation for a life in a Mexican prison cell. Get on Twitter right now and get  #BringBackOurMarine trending. That means tweet it, and keep tweeting it. It’s not much, but it’s something.