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North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Tackles The Video Menace

June 26, 2014

North Korea on Wednesday upped the stakes in its condemnation of an unreleased film documenting the upcoming assassination of Kim Jong-Un, hereditary dictator of North Korea and man of the people.

As American Military News reported previously, North Korea issued a stern condemnation of the film. “The Interview” is due out this fall starring North Korea expert Seth Rogen and well-known historical recreator James Franco. The instructional video is disguised as a fictional plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, the communist country’s hereditary dictator and man of the people. But we know.

James Franco, playing Oz, monkey, china girl, and green castle

Earlier James Franco instrucional video: playing Oz with a flying monkey carrying a china girl, and a magic green castle.

Following his appearance in earlier documentaries Spider-Man as the Green Goblin and Oz the Great and Powerful (as the wizard himself), James Franco really knows the instructional video genre.


Kim does well not to be fooled by the lighthearted banter and series of unmistakable comedic tropes sprinkled throughout the film. American Military News hasn’t reviewed the film yet, since we lack Top Secret clearance, but we know the comedic tropes will be there.

Ironically, this boost of publicity will be very good for “The Interview.” Many more Americans will learn the secrets for doing away with our nation’s foremost global strategic threat.

The North Korean government has promised a “merciless” retaliation against the United States if The Interview is released, calling the film an “act of war.” In a statement published by the state-run KCNA news agency, a spokesman said the film is the work of “gangster moviemakers” and is a “wanton act of terror.”

Be sure to watch these telling excerpts from the instructional video and how-to guide for dispatching Kim Jong-Un, hereditary dictator of North Korea and man of the people. If you find yourself laughing, know that Kim is not fooled.