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Iranian Propaganda Site: ISIS Terrorists Are Launching US-backed Coup Against Iraq So David Petraeus Can Be Dictator of the US

June 20, 2014

As President Obama makes offers to cooperate with Iran, Iranian PressTV, owned by the Iranian government, claims that the US created and is sponsoring ISIS.   Also, the US wants to invade Iraq, overthrow its government, and bomb both Iran and Syria. Also, the leader of ISIS is a CIA plant.  Also, General David Petraeus and Sen John McCain are planning a coup to start a military dictatorship.

No, we didn’t make any of that up.

The Iranians are quoting favorably and uncritically World Net Daily and American conspiracy theorist  Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, PhD, a frequent guest on Iranian government television and author of such books as

Tarpley apparently reads World Net Daily, which has taken evidence of the US arming Syrian rebels to mean the US armed ISIS.

Here is the [full transcript] of an interview Tarpley gave

Some highlights, if that’s the right word, with bolding in some areas. Tarpley:

But let’s just step back. This ISIS or ISIL is a very artificial creation. According to all the intelligence we have, it is first of all financed and commanded by Prince Abdul Rahman Faisal of Saudi Arabia. He is the brother of Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Foreign Minister and also Prince Turki al-Faisal who had been ambassador to London and the United States here.

So, it’s a Saudi operation and it comes out of a training camp which the US, the British and the French, in other words NATO, had established in Jordan, quite a few months ago, to train guerrilla fighters, death squads that would be used principally against Assad in Syria but now they’ve been retasked.

No one has established that the people the US trained became Islamists, nor that they went as a group to Iraq. The key fallacy in all of this is believing that since the US-trained rebels could have turned Islamist and gone to Iraq, that they did.

The leader of this ISIS is a fellow called Baghdadi. He has a four-year diploma, four-year degree as an asset of the CIA which he got by being in a prison camp and getting brainwashed and becoming a double agent as a condition for coming out. And the goal of this entire thing is multiple.



And, of course, Petraeus personifies the danger of bonapartism here in the United States, of a kind of a dictatorial seizure of power. And we know that this clique is now super active. The neo-cons are mobilized as never before. And I am talking about Kimberly Kagan at the Institute for the Study of War, Frederick Kagan at the American Enterprise Institute, Donald Kagan at the Brookings Institution and his charming wife Victoria Nuland who has disgusted the world with her vulgarity. 

Iranian government media is quoting and spreading all of these lunacies uncritically.