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Gruesome Photos of ISIS Mass Murder of Civilians

Islamists force civilians into mass graves
June 15, 2014

Shocking photographs have emerged of the barbaric mass murder of hundreds of Iraqi civilians by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The government of Iraq had asked for US bomb strikes on this group, but the Obama administration refused.

We have not edited these photographs at all, other than to shrink them slightly. The original Farsi captions are retained, but not yet translated.

Even if these people are (alleged to be) Iraqi soldiers, it is a war crime to line them up and shoot them.

The web page on which the photos were posted has Farsi text Google translated as “Photos of earth-shattering foray Lion Albiloa Rahman Abu Abdul Rahman ….” The ISIS mass murder campaign appears to be part of their plan to deter civilians from supporting Iraq as an independent nation, instead of part of an Islamic Caliphate.

The photos depict Islamists rounding up and herding civilians into trucks.

Islamists haul civilians in trucks to their slaughter.




These civilians are packed in tightly, worse than farmers pack pigs on their way to the slaughterhouse.

Islamists haul civilians in trucks to their slaughter.

The civilians are then hauled to a series of shallow, mass graves, and forced to lie down in them.The Islamists then shoot the civilians, their blood spilled on Iraqi soil.

Civilians are forced to lie in a mass, shallow grave and slaughtered by Islamists.