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Everything Is Fine At VA Except The Widespread Corruption

Sloan Gibson
June 16, 2014

The VA is #WorkingFine. There is no need to fire a bunch of people or take back the bonuses given to VA senior managers who ordered falsification of government records, said interim VA Secretary Sloan Gibson.

“This idea that ‘let’s fire everybody, let’s pull everybody’s bonus away’ — that’s a bunch of crap” he said, according to WNCN. “I’m not going to see people sit there and say that we got 350,000 people that aren’t worth a crap.”

He added that “the money is not better spent by pulling” bonuses for VA employees and using it elsewhere.

The next time the VA asks for more money, just remember they thought the best use of the money there were given was as bonuses to executives who ordered the falsification of government records and lied to Congress about it.

Union work rules prohibit most informal reward and punishment of staff for performance, and the interim VA head has ruled out firing people.