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Dear America

June 10, 2014

Dear America —

Please come back, because we need you badly.

Once there was a country which spanned the length of a continent. It was a wonderful place, to which people from all over the earth flocked in the hope of a better life. It was a country forged in blood and sweat, by a people who stood up for what they believed in. It was a country that was a beacon of hope to the oppressed masses of the Earth. It was a country that believed in peace through strength, which saved the world multiple times, never asking for anything in return. It was a country that accepted that it had flaws, that it screwed up sometimes, but tried to make it better when it could. It believed that anything, no matter how impossible it seemed, was possible. It stood up some of the worst evils this world has ever seen, and they all crumbled. It was a country who’s people believed in it, tried to make it better, and believed that we answer to a higher power. That country was America, and those people were Americans.

Now there is a country that is mocked by the dictators of the world as a bloated, corrupt, filthy hole. There is a country that now backs away from trying to save people, that cowers before the mass murderers of our day. This country has abandoned the ideal that we answer to a higher calling and prefers to believe in nothing. There is a country whose people abandon their country as soon as the going gets rough, and think the whole system should be thrown out, instead of fixed. These people elect morons and corrupt slobs and are content to just complain and never act. These people have abandoned the ideal that we answer to a higher calling and prefer to believe in nothing. This county’s people are more concerned with the latest Kardashian selfie, or a glimpse of a supposed “royal” baby sitting in a chair, than they are with the towering mountain of debt that threatens to destroy our way of life. These people no longer care about minting our status as the defender of freedom. That country is America, and those people are Americans.

What happened to Reagan’s “city upon a hill”? How could we go from a people ready to sacrifice our lives so that others could have a chance to enjoy the freedoms we are naturally born with, to a country worried about whether our children should have a can of Pepsi? What happened? How could we let this happen?
We gave up. That’s what happened. We lost faith. We lost hope. We decided it wasn’t worth the fight. We decided we could let millions die if it meant we didn’t have to sacrifice a few of our own to stop the slaughter. We decided we’d rather have political correctness than freedom of speech. We decided that living in a “nanny state” was preferable to personal responsibility. We decided to worship morons rather than God. The Red White and Blue was a nice idea, but maybe someone else can defend it. Someone else can worry about the deficit. Someone else can worry about the over-reaching government. It’s that sort of pathetic thinking that caused us to fall.
Well folks, I’m here to tell you it’s not too late. This is a great country. We’re Americans. Doing the impossible is our thing. We landed a man on the moon. We went toe to toe with communism, and it fell, without us even firing a shot. We’ve defeated every enemy we’ve faced. We haven’t let Al Qaeda stop our way of life. We stand tall and proud.

Maybe instead of protesting beef consumption in America, you could protest us giving billions of dollars to regimes that actively support terrorism (remember that country where we found Osama?). Maybe instead of burning the American flag because “America is racist”, you actually do something with your life and legitimately campaign for a candidate you believe in. Maybe instead of just giving up and saying “America is lost” you could fight for your country. You were born in the greatest nation this world has seen, and right now it needs your help. When you love and believe in something hard enough, you don’t just give up when you see a bump in the road. You go full speed ahead and take it on. Millions of Americans didn’t die just for you to sit there like some spoiled rich brat and protest the use of coal to power our homes. Put down your stupid cardboard sign and go do some real work. Go figure out how to fix that problem.
There are moments where this country comes together. Unfortunately those are only the moments when our way of life is under attack like 9-11 and the Boston Bombing. We need to come together like that everyday, by throwing aside our petty differences and focusing on the immediate problems.
This is our America. We are the next generation of Americans. I intend to fight to the last to bring this country back to what it used to be. What are you gonna do? Tweet about how you hate capitalism from your iPhone? Get up, go out, be an American. Never give up on the Red White and Blue.

And last of all….

God Bless America.