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Alaskan Glacier Plane Crash Revealing Victims From 1952

June 30, 2014

That Alaskan glacier plane crash is slowly giving up its secrets. The Department of Defense announced the identification of 17 servicemen from the 1952 crash of an Air Force cargo plane that killed all 52 on board.

As AMN reported last year,

The Hawaii-based Joint POW/MIA Accounting team has made an incredible discovery on the Colony Glacier, 50 miles east of Anchorage, AK: The remains of a tragic plane crash that took place over 6 decades ago and killing all 52 servicemen on board. As glaciers melt, they push debris to the top that became part of the glacier decades before.

The remains of the 154 foot C-124 Globemaster II Air Force cargo plane that went down in midwinter 1952 due to bad weather. The debris is now being found 12 miles from the wreck site and may take years to fully surface. Already parts on the plane and what is believed to be human tissue, have emerged.

Recovered from Alaskan glacier plane crash (via DOD)

U.S. Army:
Lt. Col. Lawrence S. Singleton,
Pvt. James Green Jr.
Pvt. Leonard A. Kittle

U.S. Marine Corps:
Maj. Earl J. Stearns

U.S. Navy:
Cmdr. Albert J. Seeboth

U.S. Air Force:
Col. Noel E. Hoblit,
Col. Eugene Smith,
Capt. Robert W. Turnbull,
1st Lt. Donald Sheda,
1st Lt. William L. Turner,
Tech. Sgt. Engolf W. Hagen,
Staff Sgt. James H. Ray,
Airman 1st Class Marion E. Hooton,
Airman 2nd Class Carroll R. Dyer,
Airman 2nd Class Thomas S. Lyons,
Airman 2nd Class Thomas C. Thigpen,
Airman 3rd Class Howard E. Martin