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Student Suspended For Gun Club T-Shirt Fights Back And Wins

Chris Borg battled educators and taught them a lesson
May 18, 2014

A student at Illinois’ Hinsdale Central was initially suspended for wearing a t-shirt that had a silhouette of an AK-47 on it, and decided to fight back. This time it was the adult zero-tolerance brigade that got an education.

According to Truth Revolt,

Chris Borg, 18, was walking in the school hallway when a hall monitor stopped him and given the choice to change his t-shirt, turn it inside out, or be suspended for the day, he chose to latter.

Now the Chicago Tribune says Borg’s suspension will be redacted and not even appear on his record. The Tribunes’ Annemarie Mannion reports:
“I’m ecstatic,” Borg said of the decision. “I’m happy. I wasn’t trying to push buttons or be provocative. I was just trying to assert my First Amendment rights.”

Supt. Bruce Law said Wednesday the district has “changed its mind about the rectitude” of the suspension.

In the future, the school says it will only give suspensions if a t-shirt encourages violence, unlike Borg’s t-shirt, which encouraged membership in a club.

(This post was updated to make the title clearer.)