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VA Secretary Shinseki Testifies Before Senate Committee – Twitter Blasts

VA Secretary, Gen Shenseki (USAF-Ret), testifies
May 15, 2014

Veterans’ Affairs Secretary Mike Shinseki appeared before the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs to answer questions about the widespread corruption at his department.

Before he appeared, the White House announced that he would be getting help cleaning up the VA:

Shinseki testified during the hearing that Nabors was a family friend, and he welcomed his involvement. Shinseki then explained that he was “mad as hell” (and could use even stronger language) about corruption at the VA:

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina went through a series of Inspector General reports that have been conducted at the VA, noting that these same issues have been reported for years.



Well, that may not be a completely accurate quote. There is a culture of bureaucratic gaming at the VA, such that when there is a new directive to address the latest political problem for the department, the wise old hands tear it apart to find out how to get around it. When patients could not be seen right away, they were put on a waiting list. When the waiting list got too long, a 14-day limit was put on the wait. Staff then devised various plans to make it appear that wait times were getting shorter, such as keeping paper waiting lists and waiting for veterans to show up before giving them an appointment in the official system.


Shinseki’s resignation will not solve all of the problems at the VA, but it will cause a new person to be installed as its head with no loyalty to the status quo.