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Two US Citizen Babies Held In Sudanese Prison Rathole

May 29, 2014

Here is your war on women.

sudaneseThe Sudanese Christian wife of an American biochemist has given birth in a filthy Sudanese prison. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag was jailed under sharia law for committing “adultery” with her husband. Under the sharia law practiced in Sudan, their marriage is not recognized.

Shackled for four months to the floor of her prison cage in Khartoum, Sudan, Dr.Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag gave birth to a baby girl five days early. She wasn’t afforded the luxury of being transported to a hospital or even a decent clinic. Instead, her shackles were temporarily removed and she was taken to the hospital wing at Obdurman Federal Women’s Prison, a filthy hell-hole no American would be caught dead in.

Except two are. Martin, Meriam’s 20 month-old son and now Maya, her one-day old baby, who fortunately appeared healthy at birth. Both are U.S. Citizens because Meriam is married to Daniel Wani, a 27 year-old biochemist, U.S. Citizen, and the father of the children.