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Shocking Video: Navy SEAL Taking Down Flag Is Berated By Neighbor

Navy SEAL verbally harassed while striking colors
May 11, 2014

Navy SEAL veteran David Hall of Virginia Beach, California has taken regular and persistent verbal abuse from a neighbor ever since a dispute over the homeowner’s association a few years ago. Hall says the verbal abuse has been relentless. The neighbor says Hall is the bully, but video evidence shows Hall is telling the truth.

Via Fox News:

Hall posted surveillance video to YouTube that shows his neighbor harassing him while he takes down his flag at sunset. The neighbor can be heard cursing at Hall and accusing him of “acting fat and laying around.”

The neighbor says Hall is actually the bully. Hall has decided to put his home up for sale and leave the neighborhood.

If Hall is a “bully,” the neighbor doesn’t act like it. I’ll take the word of a 20-year SEAL over some drunk hater any day of the week.

Hall said he took the surveillance video because he wanted to help out other vets in his situation. “If he has the guts to do that to me,” said Hall, “then there may be other people in the country experiencing the same thing.”