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(VIDEO) President Obama’s Memorial Day Address At Arlington National

Obama at Arlington National Cemetery, May 26, 2014
May 26, 2014

President Barack Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington National Cemetery Monday. Obama promised renewed effort at taking care of veterans, reacting to criticism of the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki was in attendance.

“For more than 12 years, men and women like those I met with have born the burden of our nation’s security,” he said. “Now, because of their profound sacrifice, because of the gains they have made, we’re in a pivotal moment. Our troops are coming home. By the end of this year, our war in Afghanistan will finally come to an end.”

“For the parents who have lost a child, for the husbands and wives who have lost a partner, for the children who have lost a parent, this day and this place are solemn reminders of the extraordinary sacrificed they have made in our name,” the president said.

“Everything that we held precious in this country was made possible by Americans who gave their all. And because of them, our nation is stronger, safer, and will always remain a shining beacon of freedom for the rest of the world.”

These are Mr Obama’s full remarks:

The excerpts of Mr. Obama’s speech above and a brief ceremony can be found here.

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