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Jim Webb (D-VA) Mulls Presidential Run in 2016

Former Senator James Webb looks to succeed Obama in the White House
May 20, 2014

Former US Senator from Virginia James Webb is considering running for President.

A Vietnam combat veteran and Secretary of the Navy under Reagan, Webb has ruled out being Vice President. He is 68, so realistically 2016 is his last opportunity to run. The reaction from across the political spectrum:

Military sites

Stars and Stripes:

He said he was concerned that on foreign policy, the nation is now “bouncing from issue to issue without a clear articulation of what the national security interest of the United States actually is.” At the same time, he said, he is worried by the growing gap between the rich and poor, which he said could be addressed through better leadership in Washington.

The “bouncing from issue to issue” comment is a clear swipe at President Obama. Webb knows that the Democrat nominee will have to play a close game of relying on the Obama political machine while also distancing himself or herself from the President. Stars and Stripes continued,

He served in the administration of President Ronald Reagan before running for the Senate as a Democrat. A highly decorated former Marine, he exchanged sharp words about the Iraq war at the White House with President George W. Bush shortly after his election to the Senate.


Daily Caller:

Webb also made some pointed criticisms of the current administration’s foreign and domestic policy.

“ I don’t think we’ve become more isolationist. I think people have become frustrated because they can’t see a clear expression of what our national security interests are, which would calm a lot of people down about what we’re doing around the world,” Webb said. “And I think that same principle applies here at home.”

Hot Air:

Weazel Zippers:

Asserting his white male privilege.


Huffington Post:

Webb is a Democrat, but it’s not a given that if he decides to jump in, it would be in a primary against Hillary Clinton, should she decide to run. Webb, who is famously independent and was secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan, could entertain an independent bid.

An independent bid from Webb would attract both disaffected Republicans and Democrats looking to cast a vote against Hillary Clinton’s support for the Iraq War, the invasion of Libya, and the disastrous response to the terror attack in Benghazi.