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(VIDEO) Rescue Dog Fallen Soldier Saved From Iraq Caught In Family Home Fire – They Feel It All Again

May 27, 2014

As American Military News reported last August, a family was reunited with Hero the Dog, seen as a puppy in the last picture they got from their son before he died in Iraq.

Family Reunited With Their Fallen Son’s Iraq Dog

For all of you pet lovers out there, grab your tissues…

Army Spec. Justin Rollins was an avid animal lover, known for taking in strays around his home in New Hampshire. So it’s no surprise that when he and his unit came across a group of stray puppies sleeping in a upturned outhouse they jumped at the chance to play with the little guys and snap a few pictures.

Later that night, Rollins told his girlfriend to be on the lookout tomorrow for an email with some very cute pictures…but that email never came.

The next day Rollins was killed by a massive roadside bomb. When the photos of him with the puppies finally got home, one stuck out. It was a photo of the 23-year old soldier holding a puppy close to his chest, glowing in joy. It was at that time his family knew they had to have one of those puppies…that puppy.

After an ordeal that took years, and the strong efforts by Senators, Governors and Congressman, the Rollin’s family was able to secure the exact same puppy in the picture! Years later, they took the dog (now named Hero) to Arlington National Cemetery to visit her old friend. It was an incredible reunion.

Now a full grown dog, Hero is the last link the family has to their fallen son. So when Hero was caught in a home fire, the emotions were overpowering.

Family Home Burns With Hero Inside — Watch The Stunning Conclusion