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Concealed Carry Grandmother Wins Firefight After Ambush

May 10, 2014

A Detroit woman shot and drove off two villains who tried to kill her, showing once again that firearms are the great equalizer and source of citizen empowerment.

“If I wouldn’t have had my gun I would be dead today.”

Detroit grandmother of four Paris Ainsworth, 51, saw her two male attackers approach her vehicle as she arrived home from work Saturday. While still in her car, she pocketed her handgun.

A ten-year-old scar is a reminder of a mugging that drove Ainsworth to the shooting range, where she practices regularly.

The criminal scum tried to tell her not to pull out her weapon, and began shooting.  Ainsworth was shot four times, but courageously delivered eight thug-stopping .45 caliber rounds to drive off her injured attackers.

Reporter: “Well, could he have shot you because he thought you were going to shoot him?”

Ainsworth: “No, he didn’t shoot me because he felt as though I was going to shoot him. He didn’t care. He just shot. He didn’t look like, ‘Oh my God, I shouldna.’ He just had, like the devil in him.”

She waited at a friend’s house for EMS, who took her to Sinai-Grace Hospital in west Detroit. Her dim-witted assailants showed up at the same hospital, and were placed under arrest by members of Detroit’s finest.
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Ainsworth is a concealed carry permit holder, like some 430,000 other Michiganders (80,000 in Wayne County alone) (source). She was mugged about 10 years before this incident, and realized she needed to protect herself.

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