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Chinese Chlorine Gas Canisters Bought By Iran For Use In Syria

Chinese-made Chlorine Cannisters
May 13, 2014

The UK Telegraph reports that the Iran may have supplied Chinese-made chlorine gas canisters used against the Syrian rebels.

It is widely known that Iranian military cargo flights to Syria have been stepped up since January.

Western security officials are investigating allegations that Iran supplied Chinese-made bombs filled with chlorine gas to the Syrian regime after satellite images emerged of a Syrian supply flight at Tehran’s main airport.

Iran is understood to have ordered 10,000 chlorine canisters from China that, according to reports, have been loaded on to flights to Syria.

Western security officials say the Assad regime has established a regular air freight route with Iran using Russian-built Ilyushin 76 Syrian military cargo aircraft.

Each flight between Damascus and Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran can carry up to 40 tons of equipment, and the weapons are believed to include short-range missiles, automatic rifles and ammunition.
Security officials are now trying to establish whether these flights have been used by Iran to provide the Assad regime with the chlorine bombs used against Syrian opposition fighters in incidents revealed exclusively by The Telegraph last week.