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Army Officer Reunited With His Dog From Afghanistan – Video Update

May 22, 2014

Last year, we brought you the story of Army Maj Drew Pinckney, whose troops adopted a stray dog in Afghanistan. They raised the money to have the dog and her pups brought back to the United States.

Pinckney, 40, commanded a 12-soldier unit near the Iranian border, where the servicemen grew attached to a stray dog they named Sheba. The canine hung around the base and joined the soldiers on patrol missions. The New York Army National Guardsmen were among the only Americans within a 200-mile radius from January to August. Sheba provided them comfort, Pinckney said. – See more at:

“We were surrounded by just desert, gloominess and poor people who had lived really hard lives,” Pinckney said Thursday. “The dogs kind of served as a reminder of home, that there’s some good out there.”

The story does not end there. When the soldiers heard the U.S. military would close the combat outpost at Islam Qala, six wanted to adopt the dogs and take them home. They embarked on an expensive mission that ended late Thursday, when Staff Sgt. Edwin Caba of Long Beach, Nassau County, delivered Harris — the last pup awaiting a new home — to Pinckney’s five-acre property in North Greenbush.

“He’s the Alpha male of the bunch,” said Pinckney, who called Harris “Wardog” in Afghanistan. “He was the biggest dog and kind of lazy, too. We’ll see if he’s changed at all.”

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