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(Video) If You’re A Proud American, You’ll Love This Army Veteran’s Second Amendment Speech

April 25, 2014

An Army veteran gave a rousing speech tearing down Democratic lawmakers over their support for hindering the Second Amendment.  The veteran gave the speech in February, but it’s finally getting the attention that is deserves.  He gave the speech at a New Jersey gun control forum, and in it, he directly challenged those who are trying to promote gun control, saying that they “are aiding and abetting” the criminal and that they have blood on their hands.


Army veteran and chaplain Nicholas Purpura exploded on Democratic lawmakers in a passionate speech during a New Jersey gun control forum, resulting in thunderous applause from the packed room. Though the video is from February, the veteran’s impassioned speech went largely unnoticed and is now getting some attention.

“You’re tying our hands,” Purpura said. “You’re tying our hands and you are aiding and abetting the criminal once again.”

He told the lawmakers they are “hypocrites” who should be removed from office and “guilty” of leaving citizens defenseless.

“Make a law if you use a gun in a crime there is no probation, they don’t plea bargain them out,” Purpura continued, his voice raising in volume. “You are guilty for the blood of innocent people and the children… [it’s] on every one of your heads.”

“Tell me once how that would have stopped that psychopath?” he added, seemingly referring to Newtown shooter Adam Lanza. “We should throw every one of you out of office if you continue this lunacy. Bring us back to sanity. We are American citizens. Read the Constitution.”

For the second time, the crowd responded with load applause.

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