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(Video) Victim OF Fort Hood Shooting Dies A Hero

April 04, 2014

Out of horrible tragedies comes tales of heroism, and the shooting at Fort Hood is no different.  Information has become available about the heroic actions of one of the three victims shot in Wednesday’s shooting at the military base.  Sgt. First Class Danny Ferguson is reported to have barricaded himself against a door as the shooter approached in order to prevent the shooter from entering a packed room of military personnel. 


One of the three soldiers killed in the shooting rampage at Fort Hood died while trying to hold a door shut that would have led the gunman to a room packed with military personnel, his fiancee says.

The alleged gunman, Spc. Ivan Lopez, later shot and killed himself.

Sgt. First Class Danny Ferguson, a native of Mulberry, Fla., who had just returned from Afghanistan, died while trying to keep the shooter out of the room, Kristen Haley, also a soldier, tells WTSP-TV.

“He held that door shut because it wouldn’t lock,” Haley, who was nearby when the shooting broke out, tells 10 News, the Tampa TV station. “It seems the doors would be bullet proof, but apparently they’re not, If he wasn’t the one standing there holding those doors closed, that shooter would have been able to get through and shoot everyone else.”

Army officials say a “verbal altercation” may have preceded the shooting spree, but there is no indication that Lopez, who allegedly opened fire and killed three people and wounded 16, was targeting specific individuals.

There is “strong evidence,” however, that the 34-year-old alleged gunman “had a medical history that indicated an unstable psychiatric or psychological condition,” Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, head of the Army’s III Corps at Fort Hood, said Thursday.

Lopez shot and killed himself after being confronted by a military police officer.

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