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Military Designing Stealth Motorcycle

April 18, 2014

The United States Military is designing a stealth motorcycle that will be able to be used, especially by special forces, on missions that require mobility downrange.  This new motorcycle is electric, which means that it is incredibly quiet and will be essentially unnoticed.  This is also an advantage because special forces will not need to worry about the logistics of getting fuel to this new stealth motorcycle.  It also will have the technology to charge other objects that are connected to it.  The new technology is incredible and will give special forces a huge advantage in downrange operations.


Motorcycle enthusiasts love the sound of a roaring chopper, but the U.S. military isn’t among them. What the Armed Forces need is a cutting-edge motorcycle that – among other things – is fast, stealthy and silent.

And they may have one soon – a two-wheel-drive hybrid that will give American soldiers a huge advantage downrange.

DARPA – the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – recently awarded a small business innovation research grant to develop a military-use, hybrid motorcycle that will operate nearly silently in electric mode.

The partnership between two small innovative American companies, Logos Technologies and BRD, leverages the former’s expertise in hybrid power projects and the latter’s in creating state-of-the-art electric motorcycles.

BRD’s tagline may put it best: “Welcome to the future of fast.”

The hybrid motorcycle advantage
Combat troops would get a whole lot of use – and a whole lot of fun – out of the rugged, lightweight, two-wheel-drive off-road motorcycles DARPA is looking for.

Speed and stealth are crucial when approaching the enemy, and current motorcycles are less than ideal because of the noise they generate. DARPA expects the hybrid to be silent in electric mode and very quiet when operating on fuel. (A typical motorcycle 25 feet away produces 90 decibels, about four times as loud as the proposed hybrid.)

Soft soil and narrow, steep trails can be difficult to navigate, and that’s why DARPA is calling for two-wheel-drive vehicles, which will be able to travel substantial distances on challenging terrain more easily.

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