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High-Tech Soldiers Make The Future A Reality

Courtesy: US Army
April 17, 2014

Everybody can remember watching movies or reading a science fiction story about high-tech soldiers with amazing capabilities.  Well, these high-tech soldiers are no longer a creation of our imaginations, they are now real and being tested and used in the field.  These new soldiers’ capabilities give them information systems in their helmet, amazing technology attached to their weapon, and top-of-the-line computer systems that give them the world at their fingertips.  This is an incredible increase in technology and paving the way for an absolutely amazing new abilities in the field of battle.


Those troops you saw in science fiction movies as a child are now real. A few years ago, many countries recognized a need to upgrade the individual infantryman and thus started their own “future soldier” programs. Most of them completed more or less the main priority objectives, applying them to some of their elite troops and special forces, bringing together commercial, off-the-shelf technology and state of the art military gear and equipment.

More lethal assault rifles, upgraded weapon sights, modular gear, more effective head, body, and limb protection, cutting-edge networked communication, computer, and navigation gadgets—nowadays these subsystems transform a common soldier into a high-tech warrior.

Now, with helmets fitted with real-time positioning and information systems, thermal weapons sights, and computers embedded into their uniforms, soldiers are able to engage in combat assisted by satellite imagery of the battlefield and ballistic accuracy calculations. The future of ground warfare will surely bring integrated smart weapons, lightweight full body armors made of more advanced materials, exoskeletons, and even cybernetic implants to the battlefields; but, until then, the following photos from around the world show you the present. And it’s scary enough.

These are the most advanced troopers of our age, the people their enemies fear the most.

High Tech Soldiers

Photo: SIRPA Terre/ADC Gilles Gesquiere

High Tech Soldiers

Photo: Ric Feld/AP//The News Tribune, Peter Haley/AP

High Tech Soldiers

Photo: Spc. Steven Hitchcock/U.S. Army