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Fort Hood Shooter Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury Serving In Iraq

April 03, 2014

Information continues to surface about the shooter, who died of a self-inflicted wound after killing 3 others and injuring at least 16 others on a shooting at Fort Hood on Wednesday evening.  Wednesday night, the commanding general confirmed that the shooter was in the process of being evaluated for PTSD and that he was being medicated for anxiety and depression.  They have also confirmed that he was deployed to Iraq for four months and had self-reported a brain injury while serving in Iraq.


The man who opened fire at the Fort Hood military post in Texas was a veteran who served four months in Iraq and was undergoing treatment for mental health issues.

Spc. Ivan Lopez, married with a young child, moved to the post in Killeen in February from another military installation.

Authorities don’t know what prompted the shooting spree Wednesday, where Lopez, 34, killed three people and wounded 16 — before fatally shooting himself.

There aren’t indications that this was a terrorist act, but officials said they won’t rule anything out until the investigation is over.

Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the post’s commanding general, told reporters late Wednesday there were reports of an argument.

“Obviously, we are digging deep into his background, any criminal or psychiatric history, his experiences in combat. All of the things you would expect us to do are being done right now.”

Based on publicly released details, interviews with neighbors and conversations with law enforcement and other sources, here’s what we know so far about Lopez:

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