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Finland Possible Target Of Putin Invasion

April 01, 2014

Is Finland the next Crimea?  According to some in Europe, there are fears amongst the people in the region that Putin could be considering it.  Although it may seem far-fetched, given Finland’s powerful economy and status with Europe as compared to Crimea, there is a possibility that Russia could be interested in taking it over.  Finland and Russia have a long history, and Putin has proven his interest in retaining the old boundaries of his state.  Recent military drills over Finland’s borders only seem to point to the fact that Putin is interested in showing military strength in that area.


The Finnish army has started a “24-7 live-monitoring” operation following a Russian military air-force drill that is occurring just 150 miles from the border between the two countries.

It has people asking: Is Finland the next Crimea?


The Finnish army’s alertness comes after a former advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin said the ex-KGB agent might also want Finland.

“Putin’s view is that he protects what belongs to him and his predecessors,” Putin’s former chief economic adviser Andrei Illarionov told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. “Parts of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Finland are states where Putin claims to have ownership.”

That’s far-fetched, right?

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