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UPDATED: South Korean Ship Sinking With 320 Children On Board

April 15, 2014

A South Korean ship sinking off the coast en route to the resort island of Jeju was reportedly struck.  The South Korean ship has 450 passengers on board,according to some estimates (officials can’t confirm this number), including 320 students who were traveling with their teachers to the resort island.  CNN reports that there are 20 crew members on board the vessel.

The captain of the South Korean ship was later arrested after he was one of the first to escape and be rescued from the ship.  Authorities put out a warrant for his arrest.  The captain was said to not be present when the accident occurred.

According to officials, 198 remain missing and 104 people have been confirmed dead.  The search continues for all those who are still lost, and rescuers are saying that it is a difficult task, as body after body is pulled from the ocean and taken to the dock.

The passengers had been told as the ship was sinking that they should jump in the water, which was at a temperature that allowed a human to survive for two hours.  The ship sunk completely after a few hours.  Some survivors that have been interviewed said there was some kind of collision at which point the ship began to list, knocking people off of their feet.

The coast guard and navy were using all of their resources to set the rescue operation in motion.